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From concept to Shelf experience, bring your idea In and let our team of professionals take care of the rest.

Research & Development

FORMULATING: Many of our customers come to us for new formulas to stay ahead of the competition; others come to us to develop formulas for a new business. We create all types of products, from basic to complex. Whatever the need, we can help. For example, we can create basic products, such as shampoos with up-to-date aspects, such as sulfate-free, paraben-free, natural and organic formulations. Also, we create cutting-edge formulas using the latest ingredients for hair, body and facial care.

GUARANTEED REBATE: Once a customer decides to move forward with Production, Chemco Corp. will credit 50% of the initial investment made for R&D (on a per product basis) towards the balance on the initial P.O.

PROCESS: UNDERSTANDING AND COMMUNICATION. In developing a formula, we benchmark existing formulas and competing products, and we formulate with the customer’s target price point in mind. The formulation process begins with a dialogue regarding the desired product attributes until the customer’s needs are fully understood.

Full Services - Research & Development
Packaging Procurement

Chemco Corp. offers a myriad of product containers with an almost unlimited selection of standard, customized and professional packaging options.
From stock items to custom molding, Chemco Corp. can be your partner in selecting the packaging that will suit your particular needs. Taking this into account, our goal is to help your company stand out in a sea of products and display your brand.

Clients may choose from one of our packaging options for their retail collection however you may also mix and match between styles and create a unique look.

Full Services - Packaging Procurement
Branding & Marketing

We invite you to come to our facilities, meet with our team of young professionals, and gain an insight to their fresh and modern ideas to maintain an updated line in regard to trends in marketing, branding, and design.

Our team will assist you in selecting the appropriate packaging for your product as well as guide you through the process of branding and design. In addition, Chemco Corp. can also manufacture and fill products into your own provided packaging and or utilize your own existing logos or artworks.

Your product image is one of the key factors when it comes to branding, therefore our in house printing facility makes it possible to offer our clients the best quality and options when it comes to printing the bottle or creating a label that will stand out and represent your brand and product.

Full Services - Branding & Marketing
Quality Assurance

Our lab and manufacturing plant is FDA Certified and we are compliant with GMP (Good Manufcaturer Practices). We maintain a fully functioning microbiology lab which gives us the capacity to formulate OTC (over the counter) products. Chemco has implemented and maintains the following:

  • ATF registration and permit.
  • Complete documentation & training.
  • Standards Operation Procedure (SOPs)
  • Batch records & Quality Control testing.
  • Incoming product testing and full traceability of ingredients and components.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Certificates of free sale.
  • Certificate of manufacturer.
  • BSE free certification.
  • Verification of US, Japan, EU, and other foreign government compliant formulas and ingredients.
  • Compliance with USP/CTFA Microbiology methods.
  • Experienced and certified chemists in microbiology, quality control and quality assurance staff.

Chemco Corp. has committed to be a member of the best cosmetic industry organizations, which have enforced methodologies to make our facility and staff up to date with domestic and global regulatory mandates.

Full Services - Quality Assurance
Our Certifications
FDA Approved
ISO 22716:2007

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