About Us

Chemco Corporation was founded in 1987, in Miami, FL. Our mission is to create exceptional products for the beauty industry by offering the finest ingredients blended and formulated with the latest technology.

Who We Are?

A warm and enthusiastic welcome to you as you acquaint yourself with Chemco Corporation. We have had the privilege of globally participating in the personal care industry since 1987. Chemco enjoys and appreciates our earned reputation as a technology-driven, dependable, trustworthy manufacturer of professional skin and body care products and brands like SpaRedi, FootSpa, and Pronail. We proudly partner with and serve a global customer base consisting of leading brands, direct-sale marketers, and a wide variety of niche and private brand entrepreneurs. The company’s extensive experience, knowledge of progressive technologies, broad production capabilities, extensive library of advanced formulations and supply chain management provides our customers with a full range of products, and outsourcing services.

Scientific and computer technology has rapidly contributed to the ever-changing beauty care and wellness industry. In today’s market, consumers have easy and quick access to multitudes of information, and the distribution channels have broadened and become somewhat blurred, all increasing the customer expectations. At Chemco, we understand the challenges of developing and marketing new products. Our experience and diversity of talent allow us to create targeted product solutions for specific business needs. Our concept-to-shelf services inclusive of formulation development, design, manufacturing, filling, assembly, and distribution have contributed to our growth and stability in the personal care industry.

We understand the competitiveness of today’s market and are cognizant of cost and margin pressure. Our extensive in-house formulations, new product development, and seamless manufacturing process can help increase the speed to market. Our focus on production needs, inventory, logistical requirements, on-time delivery, and customer support are designed to reduce costs while improving productivity.

Our team at Chemco Corporation will be your strategic partner for products and services. If we can be of assistance to you in establishing, expanding, or discussing our or your products and capabilities, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Why Choose Us?
  • In-house research and development for reverse engineering and custom formulation.
  • HPLC and GC testing capabilities.
  • FT-IR Spectrometer for testing incoming raw material.
  • UV/VIS Spectrometer for SPF testing.
  • TOC Analyzer for water quality testing.
  • Accelerated Stability testing.
  • On Site Micro Bio-Lab.
  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Bath and Body Products.
  • OTC Products
  • 18 automatic high speed filling lines.
  • Filling of liquid and cream in tubes, jar, sachets, and bottles.
  • Powder filling in jar and sachets.
  • Mud and pasty products.
  • Hot wax pour and fill.
  • High speed tube filling.
  • Fill from 5mL sachets to 55 gallons bulk drums.
  • 42- Jacketed Stainless Steel mix tanks ranging from 150 gallons to 4,000 gallons.